Centennial Correctional Facility

Centennial Correctional Center Colorado

Centennial Correctional Facility

Physical Address:
Centennial Correctional Facility
E. US Highway 50 & Evans Blvd
Cañon City, CO, 81212

Administrator:  Travis L. Trani


Inmate Mailing Address:
Inmate Name, ID
Centennial Correctional Facility
P.O. Box 600
Cañon City, CO, 81215

Centennial Correctional Facility Inmate Mail

Inmates may receive letters,  and photos.  Inmates may also receive New paperback books, magazines, newspapers or other printed matter mailed directly from Amazon.com: (Be sure to include the inmate name and ID number and send to the inmate mailing address above).

Sending Money to an inmate in Colorado

Colorado DOC no longer accepts money orders, all funds must be placed into an inmates account electronically.  Immediate family members or friends of offenders are the only individuals allowed to send in funds to an inmate's account. Do not send funds to inmates that you do not know or who is not related to you. If you are in violation of these terms funds may be confiscated. If you have any questions contact the Inmate Bank at (719) 269-4271.

To send funds by EFT:
Use Moneygram or Send money online using a bank account through Western Union Quick Collect.

The cost for an EFT varies between companies and varies depending on the method of payment such as internet or by cash in-person transactions. Please compare services and prices of each EFT provider.

For Western Union use the following:

1.  Pay to: Colorado Dept. Corrections
2.  Code City:  CODOC
3.  State: CO     
4.  Sender's Acct #:  Offender DOC# and Last Name

For Moneygram use the following:
1.  Receive Code:  5927
2.  Company Name: CODOC
3.  City: Canon City &     State:  CO
4.  Acct Number:  Offender DOC# and Last Name (no spaces)

Visiting an Inmate in Colorado

The department encourages family and friends who have positive influences and serve as good role models to communicate and visit with the inmate. This can help the inmate reintegrate with society when they are released.

Level 1 Ad Seg Level One offenders are eligible for One non-contact visit per month

Friday Only: 8:15-9:45                 10:30-12:00               1:00-2:30

Level 2 Ad SegLevel Two offenders are eligible for Two non-contact visits per month. May have both visits on the same day.
Friday: 8:15-9:45      10:30-12:00         1:00-2:30

Level  3 Ad Seg   Eligible for Four non-contact visits per month. Maximum of two visits per week, may have visits on same day.  Friday / Saturday, or Friday / Sunday. (Saturday & Sunday is not permitted). 

Level 9 OMI  Are not eligible for visits during the orientation process.

Level 10 OMI  Eligible for 4 contact visits per month.  The first visit must be in the attorney contact visiting booth.

Level 11 OMI  Eligible for 6 contact visits per month.  Maximum of two per week. 

Level 12 OMI  Eligible for 8 contact visits per month.  Maximum of two per week.

Diversion  Program  Eligible for 8 contact visits per month.  Maximum of 2 per week, may have visits on same day.  Friday / Saturday, or Friday / Sunday. (Saturday & Sunday is not permitted).

CCF Worker Program  Eligible for 12 contact visit per month. Must have two of the visits on the same day, or Friday / Saturday, Friday / Sunday. (Saturday & Sunday is not permitted). Maximum of three per week.
8:15-9:45                10:30-12:00         1:00-2:30

Saturday or Sunday:
8:15-9:45                10:30-12:00         1:00-2:30

For visiting information call 719-269-5252.

Review the DOC Visiting Rules here before visiting an inmate.


If you are planning on just visiting once or visitors who visit less then twice a year should use the special visitation application.

If you are bringing someone to visitation who is under 18, you will need an authorization for a minor.

Do an inmate search in Colorado

To find an inmate identification number, and other useful information you may want to do an inmate search.

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