Elayn Hunt Correctional Center

Elayn Hunt Correctional Center Louisiana

Elayn Hunt Correctional Center

Physical Address:
Elayn Hunt Correctional Center
6925 Highway 74
St. Gabriel, LA 70776

Administrator:  Howard Prince


Inmate Mailing Address:
Inmate Name, ID
Elayn Hunt Correctional Center
P.O. Box 174 
St. Gabriel, LA 70776

Elayn Hunt Correctional Center Inmate Mail

Inmates may receive letters,  and photos (no polaroids).  Include the inmates name and ID just as the mailing address above shows.  Do not mark the envelope or letter in any way; Lipstick, perfume, crayon art, drawings or markings of any kind will result in the correspondence being returned.  Inmates may also receive New paperback books, magazines, newspapers or other printed matter mailed directly from Amazon.com: (Be sure to include the inmate name and ID number and send to the inmate mailing address above).

Sending Money to an inmate in Louisiana

Family and friends of an inmate may send funds by United States Postal Money Order.  Postal Money orders must contain the following information: Offender's name, DOC number, the remitter's name and address.  Money orders not containing this information will be returned to sender. Money orders cannot be altered in any way. All funds must be sent through the mail, no cash accepted for deposit into an offender's account.

Visiting an Inmate at Elayn Hunt Correctional Center

The Louisiana department of correction and rehabilitation encourages family and friends who serve as positive role models to communicate and visit with an inmate. This can help the inmate reintegrate with society when released.

An offender will be permitted to have up to ten (10) individuals on his visiting list after approval is received. Offenders should submit visiting requests to their classification officer.

For the first thirty days after an offender enters EHCC, identifiable immediate family members i.e. the offender's parents, legal spouse, grandparents, siblings and children of the offender will be allowed to visit. After 30 days they must be on an approved visiting list to continue to visit. These individuals can be officially added to the visiting list after they return the questionnaires, which are sent to them by the offender.

Visiting privileges for these individuals will end if they do not mail the completed questionnaires to EHCC within 30 days from offender's reception to EHCC.

Attorney visits are scheduled through the office of the Unit 4 Manager.

Offenders assigned to HRDC or EHCC general population must submit their requests for special visits in writing to their Unit Manager. The requests must be received no later than the Tuesday proceeding the weekend of the desired visit. These visits are normally limited to immediate family members only. Special visits for offenders assigned to the secure ward at the hospital may only be approved by the Deputy Warden for Health Care Services after seven days of the assignment.

Offenders may request picnic visiting privileges by submitting their request in writing to the Visiting Office. Up to seven visitors, including children, will be allowed for picnic visits. Only persons on the approved visiting list can visit on a picnic visit.

In addition to all rules and guidelines, IMPACT offenders are allowed to visit once a month according to the following schedule:

Last name begins with letter 'A' through 'F' = 1st Sunday
Last name begins with letter 'G' through 'L' = 2nd Sunday
Last name begins with letter 'M' through 'R' = 3rd Sunday
Last name begins with letter 'S' through 'Z' = 4th Sunday

IMPACT offenders will only be allowed 2 visits on a single day of no more than four visitors for a regular visit or five visitors for a picnic visit. IMPACT offenders assigned to the sixth platoon who meet the merit criteria of weekly progress will be eligible for a picnic visit.

For more information or answers to any questions you may have contact the facility at the telephone number above.

How to do an inmate search in Louisiana

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