How to Send Books and Magazines to an inmate: Important rules you need to know

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When sending books and magazines to an inmate at any institution there are a few important general rules to remember. 

First all books you send to an inmate must be new, they cannot be used (I can't emphasize this enough). 

DO NOT SEND MORE THEN THREE BOOKS PER ORDER.  Most prisons will only allow an inmate to receive 3 books at a time, or in a given period such as a month.

DO NOT SEND HARDCOVER BOOKS. Institutions will only allow you to send an inmate paperback books, spiral and hardbound books will always be rejected as they pose security risks.

All books and magazines must come directly from the publisher, meaning you cannot order the books to your house and then put them into a box and send them, this is forbidden for security reasons. 

The best place to order books and magazines from is directly from this company.  Make sure they are new books and not used or from marketplace sellers. 

During the checkout process you will need to put the inmates mailing address, which we provide on our site just find the institution they are incarcerated in and the mailing address is at the top of the page.  Put the inmates full committed name in the name fields for shipping address, if you have room put the ID number as well (i.e. John Doe, 12345).  If you do not have room for the ID number you must include this under the company field.

ALWAYS SELECT USPS TO SHIP.  Most shipping addresses for inmates are a Post Office box, thus you must also select the ship to post office box option on the shipping screen during checkout to ensure delivery.

It is the discretion of the institution to allow certain books in or not, as a general rule do not send any books that are violent or relate to the crime the inmate committed.  Worst case scenario the shipment will be rejected and the company above will automatically refund all your money including shipping charges.

Do not send books or Magazines to inmates who are housed at temporary or Classification centers as these inmates are usually transferred out relatively quickly so they may not accept packages until the inmate reaches the final institution they will be housed at.