Lansing Correctional Facility

Lansing Correctional Facility  Kansas

Lansing Correctional Facility

Physical Address:
Lansing Correctional Facility
301 East Kansas
Lansing, Kansas 66043

Administrator:  David McKune

(913) 727-3235

Inmate Mailing Address:
Inmate Name, ID
Lansing Correctional Facility
P.O. Box 2
Lansing, Kansas 66043-0002

Lansing Correctional Facility Inmate Mail

Inmates may receive letters,  and photos.  Include the inmates name and ID just as the mailing address above shows.Be sure you do not mark the envelope or letter in any way, lipstick, perfume, crayon art, drawings or markings of any kind will result in the correspondence being returned.  Inmates may also receive New paperback books, magazines, newspapers or other printed matter mailed directly from (Be sure to include the inmate name and ID number and send to the inmate mailing address above).

Sending Money to an inmate in Kansas

Family and friends of an inmate may send funds electronically through several providers.  For more information please visit the Kansas Department of Corrections Inmate Banking page.

Visiting an Inmate at Lansing Correctional Facility

The department of correction and rehabilitation encourages family and friends who have positive influences and serve as good role models to communicate and visit with an inmate. This can help the inmate reintegrate with society when they are released.

Click Here to view information on visiting Lansing Correctional Facility.

For more information or answers to any questions you may have contact the facility at the telephone number above.

How to do an inmate search in Kansas

Need to find an inmate identification number for an offender in Kansas? Do an inmate search and get inmate identification numbers and other inmate related information.