North Dakota State Penitentiary

North Dakota State Penitentiary North Dakota

North Dakota State Penitentiary

Physical Address:
North Dakota State Penitentiary
3100 Railroad Avenue
Bismarck, ND 58506-5521

Administrator:  Robyn T. Schmalenberger


Inmate Mailing Address:
Inmate Name, ID Number
North Dakota State Penitentiary
PO Box 5521
Bismarck, ND 58506-5521

North Dakota State Penitentiary Inmate Mail

Inmates may receive letters and photos (no polaroids, do not send nude or sexually suggestive photos).  Your complete name and address must be written legibly in the return address area.  When sending correspondence always include the inmates name and ID number as the mailing address above shows.  Do not mark the envelope or letter in any way.  No candy, gum, stamps, pens or pencils, small trinkets, or jewelry should be mailed with the correspondence.  Staples, paperclips, lipstick, perfume, crayon art, stickers, drawings or markings of any kind will result in the correspondence being returned.  Inmates may also receive New paperback books, magazines, newspapers or other printed matter mailed directly from (Be sure to include the inmate name and ID number and send to the inmate mailing address above).

Sending Money to an inmate in North Dakota

Family and friends may send money to an inmate by United States Postal Money Order.  The money order must be made payable to the inmates full committed name and identification number.  Send completed legible money order to the inmate directly at the mailing address provided above.

Click here to read the Department of Corrections policy on sending money to an inmate.

Visiting an Inmate at North Dakota State Penitentiary

The North Dakota department of correction encourages friends and family members of inmates who demonstrate a positive influence to communicate and visit with an inmate. This can help the inmate in the rehabilitation process, and eventually with his or her reintegration back into society.

During the orientation program, the inmate may send out visiting applications to anyone they want. Once the visiting applications have been received and approved by the Visiting Officer (usually within two weeks), the inmate may receive visits.

You must be on the approved visitation list before coming to visit.

To Fill out a visitors application click here.

Government issued photo identification will be required for all persons entering the facility with the exception of those under 16 years of age who are supervised by parent or guardian. For security reasons you will not be allowed visitation at  the facility without required identification.

All visitors' names are checked with the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation, North Dakota Field Services Department, and local law enforcement authorities. Anyone with pending charges will not be allowed to visit until the charge is disposed of through the court. Anyone on parole or probation will not be allowed to visit until they have been off parole or probation for a period of one year. An exception may be made for immediate family members to visit in the secured visiting area.

Any individual entering the facilities, or their grounds, may be subject to search at any time for contraband articles. This also applies to bags, articles, automobile. Visitors are only allowed to take their vehicle keys (not a full ring of keys), identification, and money to spend on food items in the visiting room. Lockers are provided in the lobby for a nominal fee to secure those items not allowed.

Once you arrive at the facility you will complete a visiting card. The card will be processed, and you will continue on to the  visiting area.

Visitors are to be dressed in proper attire. Proper attire includes shirts with sleeves, undergarments (underwear), blouses, slacks, jeans, and shoes. Halter dresses, halter-tops, and shorts or skirts shorter than two inches above the knees, crop or half shirts and shirts that expose the mid-section are not permitted. There are rules governing the type and amount of physical contact allowed during the visit.  Failure to follow the established contact rules may result in termination of visitation privileges.

Visiting Hours are as follows:
Contact the institution at the telephone number provided above for visiting hours.

To read the North Dakota inmate handbook click here.

How to do an inmate search in North Dakota

Want to find information about an inmate in North Dakota? Access the North Dakota inmate search database here.

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